TL;DR news on Novavax at June 14, 2023

Novavax has applied to the World Health Organisation for emergency listing, which would allow it to begin distributing vaccines to poorer countries via the COVAX facility. So it's worthwhile thinking about the growth trajectory of innovative businesses like Novavax. You didn't need to invest early to win big Novavax wasn't a new business in 2020, and some investors may have recognized its potential long before the pandemic ever put it in the spotlight. Assume you recognized the growing coronavirus pandemic and bought a smattering of biotech stocks like Novavax in the hope that one of one of them would hit it big. If people from the Novavax study are eligible for a Covid booster jab, the first of the two doses that are needed for travel will suffice, health officials said. More than 15,000 people took part in the phase 3 Novavax trial at various hospital sites across the UK, but the company has not yet submitted data to regulators to get the jab approved. People enrolled in trials for shots made by the likes of Novavax and Valneva have been in limbo, as the shots have not been approved, ruling them out of agreements to allow people to travel.