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for 2021-10-14

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Speech by the Eurogroup President, Paschal Donohoe, at the IMF Governor Talk on "Euro area recovery from Covid-19 – economic policy reflections and challenges ahead", 12 October 2021 - EU News more

Paschal Donohoe Insists There Are Indirect Savings For Renters In The Budget - Todayuknews - Todayuknews more

Budget gives less to rural areas but Paschal Donohoe swears it's all for the greater good - Independent.ie more

Budget 2022: Paschal Donohoe Puts €4bn Into Contingency Fund And Extends Wage Subsidies - Todayuknews - Todayuknews more

Paschal Donohoe: 'Ireland will continue to be very attractive to locate a business in' - Independent.ie more

New zoned land tax to be delayed for at least two years, says Paschal Donohoe - The Irish Times more

Miriam Lord: Paschal and Michael make a fine budget double act - The Irish Times more

RTE Prime Time viewers praise Sarah McInerney for 'grilling' Paschal Donohoe - Irish Mirror more

Ulster Bank and KBC Ireland to escape bank levy, cutting revenue by 42% - The Irish Times more

Budget 2022 live blog: Paschal Donohoe declares Budget 'sets course for better Ireland in 2022 and beyond' - Independent.ie more

Budget 2022 live blog: Paschal Donohoe forecasts 400000 jobs and says 'recovery must deliver more homes' - Independent.ie more

Images of the Day - The Irish Times more

Miriam Lord: Leaders barely escape as Mary Lou gives them a good dressing-down - The Irish Times more

'We could not have predicted the devastation that Covid-19 would leave in its wake' - Business Post more

Paschal Donohue private family life with English wife Justine and two children - RSVP Live more

Budget 2022: RTÉ appearance to show if coalition really delivered something for everyone in the audience - Business Post more

Ireland agrees to global tax deal - LA Daily News more

Ireland Prepared for 15% Corporate Tax Rate on Large Businesses - Bloomberg Tax more

Santa's little helpers Paschal and Michael accused of delivering the wrong presents - Irish Examiner more


After Budget '22, longer-term focus shifts to Commission on Taxation - Independent.ie more

Horse Racing Ireland see funding reduced by over €6 million in budget - The Irish Times more

Housing measures in Budget defended by Tánaiste - The Irish Times more

Repairing the public finances requires drab and uneventful budgeting - The Irish Times more

Budget 2022, tax deal a win for Ireland but 'loss for world', and BoI's Munster HQ for sale - The Irish Times more

Reduced 9% VAT rate will expire in August 2022 - RTE.ie more

Budget 2022: Up to €90m to be invested in Irish start-ups - Siliconrepublic.com more

NAMA makes €4.4 million payments to Revenue as part of two unprompted voluntary disclosures - TheJournal.ie more

New car prices set to rise for higher emission vehicles - The Irish Times more

136 countries agree to minimum corporate tax rate after Ireland drops its opposition - KSL NewsRadio more

Budget 2022: give and take in the biggest political set piece of the year - The Irish Times more

Passport backlog, flood relief and cider supports on spending list - The Irish Times more

Workers who are on a higher rate of income tax should be better off by about €400 a year - Independent.ie more

Joe Duffy Motors' sales, tips to save on your energy bills, and Budget 2022 is here - The Irish Times more

Discount card scheme for hospitality and tourism sector being ‘actively considered’, Minister Martin rev... - The Irish Sun more

Budget 2022 main points: What's in it for you? - The Irish Times more

Green measures will feature prominently in shaping of future budgets - Irish Examiner more

WATCH: Daniel McConnell on what we can expect on Budget day - Irish Examiner more

The last stand: how Ireland finally conceded its long-cherished 12.5 per cent tax rate - Business Post more

Horse Racing Ireland see funding reduced by over €6m in budget - The Irish Times more

Budget includes new remote-working break - Law Society of Ireland Gazette more

'Important and appropriate' for Government to attend partition commemoration - Newstalk more

Budget 2022 Ireland LIVE: Ministers finalise plans ahead of tomorrow’s announcement as cash boost for most... - The Irish Sun more

Biodiversity is practically extinct in ministers' budget pronouncements - Irish Examiner more

Irish economy expected to grow 5.25 pct in 2021: minister - Big News Network more

TG4 hails funding increase ahead of 25th birthday - The Irish Times more

How moves are afoot to make working from home much more permanent - Independent.ie more

Ministers face accusations that Budget helps landlords while renters are ignored - Independent.ie more

Remote workers will be able to claim more for lighting and heat expenses - Independent.ie more

Government to receive latest draft on OECD global tax reforms this morning - Business Post more

Craft cider makers raise a glass to new excise relief - Independent.ie more

Entrepreneurs welcome EIIS reform and other Budget commitments - The Irish Times more

Surging growth transforms public finances ahead of Budget Day - The Irish Times more

My Budget: 'I don't know how they expect people to afford homes when there is no housing stock at all' - The Irish Times more

Ireland to 'break even at least' from OECD tax reform - The Irish Times more

Remote working tax relief could be worth about €100 a year for some workers - The Irish Times more

What Ireland's new corporate tax rate means for you - The Irish Times more

Ireland buckles to pressure, joins global corporate tax deal - FOX5 Las Vegas more

Employees working at home will be allowed claim back 30% of their energy bills against tax - TheJournal.ie more

A few bob for fuel will be welcomed, but it's not enough - Independent.ie more

Government will hope that giving a little in the Budget to a lot of people will lead to a bounce in polls - Independent.ie more

SMEs in Westmeath the 'lifeblood of the economy' – Donohoe - Westmeath Independent more

Budget 2022: All the good news expected from social welfare to pint prices and the Christmas bonus - Irish Mirror more

Matt Cooper: Borrowing to pay loan interest…have we learned nothing? - Extra.ie more

Budget 2022: Here's what you need to know - Newstalk more

Budget measures on climate complicated by unrelated price hikes - The Irish Times more

Budget tax cuts of €250 amid concern over rising cost of living - Business Post more

Tax move decried as 'shameful to legacy of our 1916 leaders' by Independent TD - The Irish Times more

IMF Upgrades Eurozone Growth Rate To 5% From 4.6% - NDTV Profit more

Bank levy extended, but amount collected to shrink with departures - Independent.ie more

Council wants Covid costs covered - Mayo News more

Hugh Linehan: Covid delivered largest arts funding in State's history - The Irish Times more

Why SMEs are the 'real winners' in Budget 2022 - Siliconrepublic.com more

Budget 2022: More free GP care for kids and free contraceptives for young adults to be revealed - Independent.ie more

For 15pc tax deal to thrive, resources need to keep up - Independent.ie more

Back in business: How real is the economic bounceback? - The Irish Times more

Pension increase 'woeful' and Greens a 'disgrace': Ballinasloe reacts to budget - The Irish Times more

People living longer should not be viewed as 'problem', says pensions chairwoman - The Irish Times more

Budget Ireland: Government to extend tax relief for start-up investors - Independent.ie more

Mick Clifford: Green crime-fighters and a few bob for the 'childer' - Irish Examiner more

Final deal on OECD-led int'l tax reforms reached, will begin in 2023 - Kyodo News Plus more

Lack of 'just transition' in Budget 2022 is a 'warning' to all farmers - Agriland more

Cork boy reminded us that Ireland allows children to wait in pain - Irish Examiner more

Ireland Wanted 'Certainty' Before Joining Global Tax Deal: Donohoe - Bloomberg more

'Help-To-Buy must be extended to allow more people to own their home' - Independent.ie more

Margaret Donnelly: Farming at the back of the queue as Budget money is handed out - Farm Ireland more

800 more gardaí to be recruited in 2022 - TheJournal.ie more

'Over 25s have sex': Criticism of decision to limit free contraception scheme to young women - TheJournal.ie more

Slovakia Gazettes Notices Setting 2022 Minimum Wage - Bloomberg Tax more

Budget 2022: Childcare staff give cautious welcome to new measures - BreakingNews.ie more

'We need to see international tourists return' - Irish Examiner more

Crucial budget has yet to come as action on climate begins ramping up - Independent.ie more

The Last Post: Why it was worth it for Ireland to hang tough on two little words - Business Post more

Eight ways to reduce the cost of your fridge as energy prices to soar in Ireland - including obvious mistake - Irish Mirror more

Governments across these islands should begin preparing now for Irish unity – Kearney - An Phoblacht more

Two big announcements that won't be included in Budget 2022 as Micheal Martin shares update - Irish Mirror more

Farm Safety Scheme to be accelerated - Independent.ie more

Eamon Quinn: Far too early to call victory over Covid jobs crisis - Irish Examiner more

When is Budget 2022, what do we know so far and how will I be affected?... - The Irish Sun more

As it happened: Budget to help with 'some' living costs - RTE.ie more

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