TL;DR news on Tom Brady at August 28, 2023

When a donor wanted to talk about the Syracuse game, or the Dome, or just about anything else, Brady stared intently and chitchatted. But the moment anything New England was raised, even the championships, Brady shut down, not even faking a smile, subtly steering his attention to the next lurking fan. Brady had built his incomparable career by amassing control over an uncontrollable game, attempting to all but eliminate luck. 2021 Tom Brady jerseys now available Can Tom Brady win his eighth Super Bowl at age 44? If you're a Brady fan, it's time to get a new jersey featuring No. Brady did most of his damage on Sunday while playing with an injured thumb on his throwing hand, the result of hitting it on a Miami player's helmet while getting a pass off. Brady had a solid answer that will probably catch Eagles fans by surprise: "REPORTER: How much do you enjoy going into that atmosphere in Philly? It's a different kind of fanbase. respect? Look, he speaks largely in platitudes at this point in his career to protect his personal brand, but Brady giving Eagles fans their due is still cool. Instead, Brady frequently mentions the desire to spend time with his family along with not producing at an elite level as reasons for why he would retire. Though he's appearing on the practice report as a limited participant for the second straight day, Brady's right thumb injury isn't expected to prevent him from playing Thursday against the Eagles. Per Greg Auman of The Athletic, Brady said his thumb is "no serious issue at all," and the veteran quarterback anticipates the soreness he's currently experiencing will go away in the next two days. If the Chiefs win the big one every one of those years, Mahomes is still two behind Brady. The thing with Brady and Manning is that, in a league with such parody, they were able to remain on top for such a lengthy period of time, especially Brady. Phillips also recorded the first solo sack of his career, and it just so happened to be against Tom Brady.