TL;DR news on Teams at June 14, 2023

To provide clients with the best service, you need to know the best software for the job, and Teams can meet the criteria for this. Microsoft Teams excels with a business that deals with multiple customers and vendors, as many of its features are similar to leased lines and include call routing and call queues. This Teams update, to be rolled out in November, teaches us something few employees will be able to ignore. Teams is quite good for that, so I'm told. This new immersive experience will also include a notification as well as a new focus mode page in the Viva Insights Teams app. Teams that were supposed to be assessing curriculum are being redeployed to analyze the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Best of all, CLI for Microsoft 365 adds functionalities that are simply not available in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365. Rivals will also be quizzed on any revenue losses seen since the launch of Teams, as well as any effect on research and development, and how it has affected the quality and price of their products. Slack says that the bundling of Microsoft Teams with Office gives the tool a boost by suggesting it is the most suitable option for users. The company has asked the EU to split Teams and Office to make sure rival services such as itself are given a fair chance. Microsoft Teams has grown rapidly over the past 18 months due to the huge number of workers forced to work from home during the pandemic.