TL;DR news on Vaccination certificate at June 14, 2023

Vaccination uptake was high in the youngest group but higher uptake was also observed in older age groups related to hospitality settings such as restaurants. The enhanced system officially takes effect on Friday, but Ontarians can get their certificates before then, and businesses can start using a new app to verify those codes. Fake certificates can also include document number, healthcare identifier, vaccination types, last updated and disclaimer. a vaccination certificate with a QR code, a recovery certificate with a QR code or a test certificate with a QR code or be certified by an health professional, with evidence of a negative result. Also required is a declaration containing the consent of the vaccinated person, or their legal representative, for the processing of their personal data necessary to issue the Covid certificate. Carina Severs of ECAC said the first day held at the Eden Log cabin last week had been planned response to the centre being overwhelmed by people seeking help to get their certificates.