TL;DR news on Snake at August 27, 2023

Snakes live in every county in California, and urban development encroaching into wilderness has increased how often we encounter them. Snake catcher Gianni Hodgson visited the school in Victoria state on Tuesday after receiving a call about the venomous stowaway. Snake oil literally meant medicinal snake oil. Snakes are going to come through our doors. Snake catchers in Australia were called to a home to catch two mating eastern brown snakes. "Snakes that we consider highly toxic are species that are in an arms race with their prey," he said. Wide range of malicious features Cybercriminals currently sell Snake on dark web forums for as low as $25, which could be why we see a spike in its deployment. Mainly deployed in phishing campaigns, Snake installed via malicious email attachments or through drops sites reached by clicking on email links. When installed on a computer, Snake is capable of stealing credentials from over 50 apps, including email clients, web browsers, and IM platforms. Evading detection To avoid detection, Snake disables AV defenses by killing the associated processes and goes as far as to disable network traffic analyzers such as Wireshark. Snake then adds itself to the exclusion list of the Windows Defender, allowing it to execute malicious PowerShell commands without being detected. Snake adds a scheduled task and edits a registry key to execute when a user logs in to Windows to establish persistence. Finally, it is noteworthy that Snake gives its operators the versatility to choose what features they will activate on the malware during the packing stage. Finally, when it comes to data exfiltration, Snake uses either an FTP or SMTP server connection or an HTTPS POST on a Telegram endpoint. Thirteen runs of salmon are currently listed as endangered or threatened species; four of them return to the Snake River to end and begin their life cycle. Now with a second season of Aussie Snake Wranglers in the pipeline the crew is hard at work filming six days a week, with Dave putting their success down to two key ingredients. While flying home from a tour in 1971, Knievel saw the Snake River Canyon through the airplane window, and began planning a grand event. So does the site from which he attempted to cross the Snake River Canyon.