TL;DR news on F1 at August 27, 2023

F1 counts attendance by the amount of people who go through the gate each day, not by ticket package sales. Next year's F1 calendar is due to feature a record 23 rounds. Check out his Mexico City Grand Prix playlist here, and read on to learn more about his love for F1.. If you could pick one of your songs to be the new theme tune for F1, which would it be and why? Stole The Show. What are your favourite memories from following Formula 1? I had a fun time at the F1 race in Bahrain and got to really experience what F1 was all about and since then been a big fan. Which F1 driver do you think would make the best music artist and why? Probably Lewis Hamilton. F1 has introduced a new cost cap this season and is introducing new engine rules in 2026. The Volkswagen Group, which owns Porsche and Audi, has been contemplating entering F1 for a while but has been deterred by F1's current V6 hybrid turbo engines, which are expensive and complicated. F1 is hoping the next set of rules can be appealing to both existing manufacturers and any prospective entries. Porsche and F1 are having ongoing meetings about a future entry. Perhaps most valuable is the different perspective that he has on F1 thanks to being out of the firing line, which, he hopes, will make him a better driver second time round. Any driver who makes it to F1 is clearly very talented, but with limited seats, connections and money have more sway. The first two will be gone for 2022, but that will still be five in a grid of twenty in F1. F1 has grand plans to combat climate Last year, F1 unveiled its climate strategy. This all sounds promising, and given the sport's history of developing technologies that have aided the progression of everyday cars, perhaps F1 deserves the benefit of the doubt. F1 revealed in a sustainability report that 45 per cent of the 2018 season's CO2 emissions, roughly 256,551 tons, came from the transportation of Formula 1 teams and all their equipment. Next season a record 23 events will be on the calendar as the 10 F1 teams fly around the world to 21 different countries. But despite F1's recent efforts, the sport which built their careers is still becoming increasingly detached from the pressing reality of our time. Clearly, F1 is becoming more and more popular, but the most expensive traveling circus in sports must also deliver on its promise to dramatically change its act. 74 million households in the US have a Netflix subscription, and Drive to Survive portrays the likeable personalities and intense dramas of F1 in a way that even new audiences can grasp. F1 has already visited Indianapolis before from 2000 to 2007. Article continues under ad Currently, sources suggest that F1 is organizing private efforts with Las Vegas to host a race on The Strip. If a deal is negotiated for 2023 or beyond, it will nevertheless be fascinating to witness the spectacle of F1 amidst the glamorous backdrop of Las Vegas.