TL;DR news on Colin Powell at April 22, 2023

Powell move on rather than ask him to remain for the second term, sat quietly with his wife, Laura, in the front pews, between Mrs. "As I grew to know him, I came to view Colin Powell as a figure who almost transcended time, for his virtues were Homeric. While 78 percent of white Americans supported the war, 68 percent of Black America was against the Iraq invasion, and Powell was seen as a persuasive figure, both at home and internationally. The story of Powell, and other Black folk like him, creates the implicit idea that the United States is a land of unlimited opportunity and that oppression can be overcome. Powell urged the council to say "enough" to what he said was Iraq's 12 years of defiance of international attempts to destroy its chemical and biological weapons. Talks continued until, minutes later, the aide came back and gave Powell another note. I wonder if Powell ever imagined that if things continued on the road they are now, that perhaps the document that he signed in Lima 20 years ago would have to be applied to the United States. NPR's Quil Lawrence spoke with several Black vets who shared their recollections of Powell and his legacy. And at that time, I never knew that Black majors, Black lieutenant colonels, Black colonels and generals existed outside of Colin Powell. DANA PITTARD: I first met General Powell when I was a young captain in Germany.