TL;DR news on Weta Digital at April 22, 2023

Weta Digital CEO Prem Akkaraju will stay on as the CEO of the newly formed Weta FX, while CTO Joe Marks will move to Unity as CTO of Weta Digital. WetaFX has produced special effects for such movies as "Avatar," "Lord of the Rings" and "Wonder Woman." IBD Newsletters Get exclusive IBD analysis and actionable news daily. And if you look at Weta's talking fox from the 2021 movie "The Green Knight," you can see just how far we've come. Weta's animators then had to map those performances onto the digital ape models, making the apes deliver their lines and emote in ways that stayed true to the actors' choices without feeling too human. Narrator: Beyond the most visible parts of the mouth, Weta spends a lot of time looking at dental scans of actors' teeth and videos showing how the tongue moves inside the mouth. Narrator: That close understanding of mouth anatomy came into play on "The Jungle Book," where Weta had to make the giant orangutan King Louie not only talk, but sing. Narrator: That's why Weta's always improving the way it models its eyes, including parts that we don't even see on camera. But Weta's animators found a solution: adding controls to AJ's lips and mouth so they could overlap, allowing a wider range of mouth shapes as he delivers his lines. Well, thank you, everyone and welcome to this call to discuss our Third Quarter earnings results and the acquisition of certain assets of Weta Digital. In addition, Weta has done thousands of digital assets such as fully formed characters, skins, trees, houses, automobiles, fire trucks, many things. As we've spent time working with Weta Digital we were consistently blown away by these tools. Of course, Weta operates in an ecosystem of other 12 inventors. But before I do, I can't help myself, there's one more quick video speaking to the power of Weta tools and how they enable the incredible VFX we have come to expect. As you have heard, Weta is a very strategic, extra big acquisition for Unity. Weta FX will operate independent from Unity, and will continue to develop some of the world's best movies and shows. Weta FX will be our first customer. So, many, many different industries where we'll continue to see growth, that the historical revenue growth of Weta is less relevant, to answer that question. But what do you think that link between what Weta brings to the table and operate could be outside the games industry if there is one? Do you think you can help creators monetize their content? Thanks. For Weta Workshop, video games may occupy some of the same territory as movies, but it's a very different creative experience, Patrick said. Weta Digital was the lead VFX company, responsible for the majority of the third act that includes the epic end battle.