TL;DR news on Taiwan at June 14, 2023

Taiwan has formal diplomatic recognition from just 15 small countries worldwide, although informal relations with other countries do continue. 19, 2021, in Hsinchu County, northern Taiwan. A report that addressed the importance of economic ties between the European Union and Taiwan also raised concerns over China's use of its military to pressure Taiwan. European MPs Meet with Taiwan Envoy Despite China Risks SEE ALSO: European MPs Meet with Taiwan Envoy Despite China Risks This week, four U.S. China has sharply increased its military and political pressure on Taiwan in recent months, including almost daily campaign of military exercises and patrols near the democratic island. China's efforts to win over Taiwan's remaining allies have alarmed Washington, which has been especially concerned about Beijing's growing influence in Central America and the Caribbean. Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register Military analysts say the tactic is aimed at subduing Taiwan through exhaustion, Reuters reported last year. and the allies should quietly agree that, if China mounts a blockade against Taiwan, no ship registered to China will be allowed into any port in the U.S. After all, if most moves are likely to anger Beijing, why hold back from any of them? The United States has led the way in expanding ties with Taiwan while grappling with an increasingly prickly China. In Australia in particular, warmth to Taiwan is being expressed through semiofficial channels, as well as by the broader public. As cities locked down across China, Europe and Asia, and death tolls climbed into the millions, Taiwan was safe, vibrant, almost normal. But now, as the world begins opening up, having accepted coexistence with the virus while mitigating it with high vaccination rates and other measures, Taiwan risks being left behind. In 2019 there were more than 29 million international arrivals in Taiwan. Observers note readying the public is a key issue for the short term if Taiwan is to open up, in order to address strong fear and significant stigma attached to infections. The deal would also help Taiwan further integrate into the global economy despite its diplomatic isolation as a democracy recognised by only 15 countries. Name Comment Captcha COMMENTS Michael R Betzer Nov 13, 2021 03:21 PM Just a thought: maybe France could sell submarines to Taiwan. The US, which has strong ties to Taiwan and commitments to help it defend itself, has increased its military presence in the region, which has added to tensions. Fourteen countries recognise Taiwan as a sovereign nation, while more than 70 others have informal diplomatic ties. Taiwan, along with China and Hong Kong, are among the few places left that are refusing to settle for coexistence with the virus. Some experts in the island have estimated that the probability for Taiwan and Honduras to break off their ties is as high as 80 percent to 90 percent. Photo courtesy of Eighteen Kings Temple Fuel prices skyrocketed in the early 1970s due to global shortages and unrest in the Middle East, which led to stagnated growth and inflation of goods in Taiwan. While the misunderstanding was quickly rectified, the incident showed how fast disinformation spreads in Taiwan. A study on disinformation conducted by Sweden's University of Gothenburg names Taiwan as one of the most frequent targets of false news, she noted. Meanwhile, journalists and educators are working with tech giants such as Google and Line messaging app to raise media literacy among the Taiwanese. New features in the app allow Taiwan's 19 million users, who make up a whopping 80 per cent of the island's population, to report fake news stories or disinformation they receive via Line. Read our full coverage on Taiwan First Published: Fri, November 12 2021.