TL;DR news on Crypto at April 22, 2023

But that anonymity comes with transparency: Cryptocurrency transactions are inscribed in an open digital ledger, the blockchain, which provides a record of how assets flow through the system. Crypto.com itself is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency businesses in the world. "Investors need to keep in mind that the token itself is tied directly to the success of the Crypto.com ecosystem. What has driven CRO's value upwards? Crypto.com has generally risen because of a few different factors. Crypto is indeed volatile, and seeking to argue that this is untrue is not the best way to address this idea; headlines matter and are what tend to dominate this avenue of discussion. Crypto poses systemic risks. For Crypto Traders, A Signal to Watch and a New Way to Trade Separately, Crypto Capo was also bullish on Fetch.ai's native FET token. The Crypto Company has already been reaching milestone after milestone, and the team now have their sights firmly set on expanding on their efforts. Crypto is seeing increased adoption among mainstream companies too, with the likes of Mastercard, PayPal and Goldman Sachs now providing support for digital assets.