TL;DR news on Giant at August 26, 2023

Little Giant launched online grocery shopping and delivery with Instacart earlier this year. That's the rule of thumb on a normal week, and this is anything but a normal week for the Eagles or, for that matter, Sunday's opponent, the New York Giants. One day after losing to Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football, the Giants fired Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett. They're going to be ready for the looks they've seen from the Giants studying the team's 2021 offensive performance, and they're going to have safeguards in place for unscouted looks. We'll be ready for it." Toney has already thrown three passes this season with one completion, and the Giants have shown a willingness to call a gadget play or two or three during the course of a game. If you need a new set of binoculars for stargazing, then Celestron's Skymaster Giant 15x70 binoculars are on sale via Amazon for $89.95. Collecting Fantha Tracks at New York Comic Con: Gentle Giant Fantha Tracks at New York Comic Con: Gentle Giant Fantha Tracks swing by the Gentle Giant booth at New York Comic Con. Story continues About Giant FoodThis year, Giant Food is celebrating 85 years as a community grocery store. in Washington, DC in 1936, Giant has been an integral part of our customers' lives and the communities it serves. Giant is committed to being a Better Neighbor and has designated four main giving pillars that address local Food Insecurity, Military Support, Pediatric Cancer Research, and Social Equality. Giant is headquartered in Landover, Md. For more information on Giant, visit: www.giantfood.com. Woods' deal came mere minutes after the Giants locked up Anthony DeSclafani for three more years, as the team is clearly interested in keeping its recent success stories in the fold.