TL;DR news on Kroger at April 28, 2023

Drivers reported shortages at Kroger gas stations in Delhi, Harrison, Hebron, one on Ferguson Road in Cincinnati and another at the intersection of Springdale Road and Colerain Avenue. This is what it's all about," said Laura Gump, president of the Houston division of Kroger. However, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 455, who represent 14,000 local Kroger workers said they do not see it that way. While we know there is much more negotiating to do, returning to the bargaining table offers the hope that Kroger will finally do what is right. Meals provided by Kroger were be distributed to families identified by MSP community service troopers through collaboration with local schools and organizations. To date, Kroger has invested at least $55 million in a giant warehouse that will be set up with robots to can procure items quickly and efficiently. Though robots will do much of the heavy lifting in Kroger's massive facility, its new venture will also be heavily reliant on delivery drivers to bring orders to customers' doors. Still, Florida is very much a snowbird state, so there's a good chance some consumers will be familiar with the Kroger brand. The real estate takeaway Though Kroger has almost 2,800 stores across 35 states, in Florida, it only has a single location, near the Georgia border. And if Kroger's new model is successful, it could create many more jobs and opportunities in a state it's never really targeted before. Furthermore, if Kroger decides to expand to physical supermarkets in Florida, it could be a very positive development for commercial landlords desperate for shopping center anchors. And so while Kroger may be taking a somewhat unconventional approach to introducing its brand to a new market, it's also poised to enjoy a lot of success by capitalizing on a growing trend. More on that in a minute, but first, a little backstory: Kroger recently relaunched their baby care brand, Comforts, complete with new diapers that span sizes newborn to seven. Founded in Chicago in 2013 and acquired by Kroger in 2018, meal solutions company Home Chef has both an online and retail presence, available at more than 2,220 Kroger grocery stores. The union said on Tuesday that it has scheduled talks with Kroger for Nov. Whole Foods Market says "many" of its stores will be open on Thanksgiving this year with "modified hours," while most locations of the Kroger supermarket chain will be open until 5 p.m.