TL;DR news on Red Bull Racing at June 14, 2023

Verstappen told Red Bull that he had trouble with his driving instructor, and he was prepared to bribe him if needed. "I started cramping with five laps to go, just with the excitement and the focus," he told Red Bull. British American Racing, or BAR as it was known, ran the likes of Jacques Villeneuve and Jenson Button with little success until the team was sold to Honda in late 2005. Prior to the 2000 season, the team was sold to Ford who owned Jaguar at the time and therefore painted the cars green and rebranded again as Jaguar Racing. They competed, again with little success, for five seasons before selling out to Red Bull and the rest, as they say, is history. In 2019 the team announced that it would compete as Alfa Romeo Racing although the ownership and management structure in Switzerland would remain unchanged. After showing great promise, Courage was killed in 1970 and the team then had a lacklustre time in the early 70s before selling up to Walter Wolf Racing in 1976. bowed out of the Formula One World Championship auto racing series in style, after driver Max Verstappen won the championship for Red Bull Racing Honda on Sunday. "He'll be getting a lifetime supply of Red Bull for sure," Horner joked on Channel 4. Hamilton managed to take the chequered flag despite crashing into the back of his Red Bull rival and damaging his front wing during the closing stages of the race. "Here at Red Bull Racing we are in a good place," Jos told De Limburger. Balu initially played the waiting game before jumping both Anindith Reddy and Jeet Jhabakah to clinch another win.