TL;DR news on Spider-Man: No Way Home at June 24, 2023

A recent No Way Home plot leak from China gave us what appears to be the most detailed account of events, including the ending. As was teased in Far From Home, J.K. While there could be millions of reasons why he chose to wear that hat, fans have pointed out that the hat he chose is similar to the one worn by the cast and crew of No Way Home. Sometimes I'll say 'No' as a full sentence. Offering a predictably coy response, Ifans told Murphy's Multiverse that fans should just wait and see whether he's one of No Way Home's many villains. Now, with the year almost over, the studio is revealing the biggest trick up its sleeve. 11:10am EDT 27 images of North Korea's oddest architectural marvels 27 images of North Korea's oddest architectural marvels Futuristic skyscrapers meet socialist monuments in the reclusive state. No Way Home looks to be introducing a new era to the character and the MCU in what promises to be an epic experience filled with a ton of surprises. The MCU actor recently reacted to the news and is incredibly excited about the character's future, so fans should brace themselves for something even more epic than No Way Home in the future. No, that's not how I said it.' .. A previous cinema listing at Brazilian cinema chain Ingresso originally had the No Way Home runtime at 2 hours and 39 minutes, but was swiftly removed and hasn't returned since.