TL;DR news on SNL at August 28, 2023

"SNL" cited the recent spike in the omicron variant, and said there will also be limited cast and crew on set, according to a series of tweets. So should SNL fans expect to see a brand new episode tonight? Last week, SNL returned from a brief hiatus. And now, SNL looks to build on that momentum and close out 2021 strong. Throughout 2020, SNL endured the global pandemic in much the same way most of the rest of us did: It did the best it could. Liu is joined by Cecily Strong, Mikey Day, and SNL newcomer James Austin Johnson. Parent Teacher Conference Former cast member Jason Sudeikis returned to the SNL stage in the fall on the heels of Ted Lasso's massive success. Weird SNL is often best SNL, and this is nothing if not weird SNL. Goober the Clown on Abortion Whenever Cecily Strong leaves SNL for good, this is one of the classic moments people will look back on fondly. It's not SNL's funniest sketch of the year, but it may be the show's most important. Man Park is SNL's answer to that dreary existence. The SNL favorite has come so far since his earlier struggles, and has now reached a point where his every appearance is cause for celebration. Honorable Mention: Please Don't Destroy Speaking of Please Don't Destroy, let's take a moment to give it up for some of the young and fresh minds fueling SNL comedy these days. The comedy trio featuring Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Michael Herlihy has been quietly dishing out SNL Digital Shorts since Season 47's October kickoff. And last year, following the city's initial lockdown in the spring of 2020, "SNL" came back from a brief hiatus with a string of episodes filmed entirely from home. The outing came shortly after they shared an onscreen kiss for a sketch during her SNL hosting debut on Oct. Per the outlet, the only comedian to exit SNL was Beck Bennett. McKinnon is no exception, and the outlet reported that she was away for the first half of "SNL" Season 47, because she was busy with another show. Except, unlike most, he actually got to meet Taylor Swift when she performed on SNL in November. Then from 1996 until 2011, Kattan starred in "SNL" where he did impressions of Bill Gates, Ben Affleck, Al Pacino and Queen Elizabeth II, among others. Quite possibly, viewers thought Murray was kidding because of SNL's reputation for satire and parody. Ye was the musical guest on the 44th season premiere of "SNL" in September 2018.