TL;DR news on Matrix at August 28, 2023

The Matrix follows computer hacker Neo, who discovers the shocking truth that the life he knows is really a complex computer simulation designed by intelligent machines to enslave humanity. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." When she first watched The Matrix, Termini didn't know she was trans. Bugs sees Neo as a hero, a kind of messiah figure who needs to return to free more humans from the Matrix. Things feel a bit more rote this time around, partially because the stylistic flourishes "The Matrix" pioneered have now become standard blockbuster practice. NEW HODGETWINS BOOK AIMS TO INOCULATE KIDS AGAINST CRITICAL RACE THEORY "BRAVE Book's Matrix parody Woketrix is more than a fun spoof," Loesch told FOX Business. The news that they were making a new one was met with shock in some corners, but given the end of Resurrections, it's certainly possible that there could be more Matrix films on the way. That caps a year of unprecedented availability for new movies, with Matrix's maker, AT&T's WarnerMedia, being the most aggressive. "I didn't audition for 'Matrix' because I had worked with Lana on 'Sense8', which I auditioned for a couple of times and then also did reading before I got cast. But once Lana trusted I could act and I think for the 'Matrix' it was just a sheer honour that she just thought of me for the part," he added. 'Matrix' is a global family, from all over the world, including people who worked behind the scenes, come in front of the camera. This afforded him the chance to star in the likes of "Constantine" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" as the 21st century picked up steam, but he couldn't quite reach those "Matrix" highs again. Look beyond Johnny Mnemonic's madcap elements, then, and you'll find a fascinating and all too relevant treatment of issues that still plague our society over 20 years later, just like The Matrix.