TL;DR news on Christmas movies at February 19, 2023

# # Salvation Army Christmas Family Feast It's not Christmas without a hearty meal and the Salvation Army is gearing up for their 32nd Annual Christmas Family Feast. Some days after school my dad would take me to independent stores to purchase books and movies on VHS, to ensure that I saw Black children and families that affirmed our existence. We look for movies that amplify Black stories and celebrate Black filmmakers. The film is told through a series of vignettes, with protagonist Ralphie retelling a story from his childhood where he obsessed about getting a BB gun as a Christmas gift. The film shows subsequent relationships with other women that took place following the affair, with many key scenes taking place on Christmas Eve in different years. A variety of classics are available for free across the two platforms, including A Christmas Carol, Jack Frost, and Jingle All the Way. "And what Hallmark has done so successfully is bring movies with a certain tone and a certain feeling that leaves people feeling like they got what they came for. It was very sweet." And more than a decade after "Countdown to Christmas" first began in 2009, many fans still want stories sweeter than hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows. "They're writing films to attract a new audience, and they're doing that with the Unexpected Christmases, but there is a big, big appetite still for the Christmas at Castle Harts," he acknowledged. Martin, file, The Times JEAN SHEPHERD Jean Shepherd, author of "A Christmas Story," was a prolific radio raconteur whose easy storytelling style earned comparisons to fellow Midwesterner Mark Twain. Played with subtle charm and affable modesty by Galligan, Billy Peltzer is indeed this Christmas tale's George Bailey or John McClane. Klaus hit Netflix in 2019, and charmed the pants off of all who watched it, but I'm not always one for Christmas movies, so I completely missed it.