TL;DR news on Clemson football at June 14, 2023

Campbell was asked in the coaches press conference on Tuesday how he plans to attack these issues and if the changes in college football will affect the way he continues to build his program. We just won nine football games. Many college football coaches, Swinney included, are contractually obligated to promote their universities and interact with supporters in various manners. "Just a great man and a great leader and the perfect example of what that team was all about," said Bill Smith, a starting defensive end in 1981 and a lifetime member of Clemson's board of trustees. "We were brothers with one common goal, to go win football games, and weren't going to let anything divide us. "Knowing of his life and story at Clemson inspired me to explore what was possible for us at quarterback if we were presented with a fair opportunity. "Clemson had only had one other Black quarterback, Willie Jordan, and that was before I got there, and he ended up moving to defensive back. There I was afraid for him what could go wrong, but Homer never let anything go wrong." One of the main reasons Jordan chose Clemson was because the Tigers promised him the chance to play quarterback. But Clemson, South Carolina, was a lot closer to Athens than Knoxville, Tennessee, and Jordan wasn't about to move any farther away from his high school sweetheart, Deborah Arnold, than he had to. It was during those dark times that he was reminded over and over again how unbreakable that bond was that he created at Clemson with his teammates and coaches. "I'm nervous about sending it off somewhere to get fixed," said Jordan, who was inducted into Clemson's Hall of Fame in 1993. Whenever Jordan goes back to Clemson, he makes sure to find his old coach. Like others around Clemson, Neff has had many opportunities to leave Clemson over the last several years, but the timing was not right, or it was not the right fit. But he is certainly glad that he and his family are staying at Clemson. Through his rise to football stardom, Klubnik says his faith has been an integral part of the way he lives, and his walk began when he was a child.