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More info Loren was one of the hottest stars in the world in 1960 and yet Heston was not impressed by her beauty or her talent. He had enough power that he responded to early drafts of the script that they were "ranging from minimally OK to crappy." But then Loren was brought on board. Loren also negotiated $200 a week for her personal hairdresser, brought in her own screenwriter and had the script translated into Italian and then back into an English she was more comfortable with. As the situation deteriorated, director Antony Mann struggled to get the alpha male actor to look at Loren at all. Mann shot take after take but Heston could barely bear to glance at Loren during passionate scenes and even in the climactic deathbed scene. Yet, it was Loren who caused the greatest drama of all when she sued producer Samuel Bronston for breach of contract in New York Supreme Court when the film was released. Photo: Karli Evans Despite having traveled the world, iconic actress Sophia Loren says she still considers her home a destination to be explored. These include Sophia Loren's Gorgonzola Dolce, Carbonara, Baked Tagliolini with Ham, Mr. Who needs false eyelashes anyway? Doing it old school Sophia Loren is a name that instantly pops into our heads when we think of winged eyeliner with a colourful lid or glitter. Lawrence, Greata Garbo, Sean Connery, Sophia Loren etc.