TL;DR news on Barack Obama at June 14, 2023

Barack was raised in the Aloha State for most of his childhood, moving to Los Angeles after high school. While Obama is usually the one who is asked for autographs, Cienna Todani decided to give the former president her signature instead. "Dear Betty, you look so fantastic and full of energy, I can't believe you're 90 years old," Obama wrote in the Twitter video, as we hear his voice over narration of the note. Obama, 60, looked focused as he took to the links in a white Puma golf shirt, blue shorts, white sneakers, sunglasses and golf cap. Obama wrote. Bush doubled down to clean up the implosion of the automobile industry with stimulus funds before handing off the baton to Obama. I was in Washington on Election Night and will never forget walking out of the restaurant where I had heard the Obama victory announced into what looked like a citywide street party. To be clear, there is not an actual ghost of President Obama because he has not, in fact, passed away. My phone rang, and when I answered my phone I said, 'Hello.' He goes, 'This is John Madden.' I said, 'Yeah, this is Barack Obama. I imagine presidential work got in the way a few times with Obama, correct? I remember one round we played on a Sunday, and some journalists in the Mideast were beheaded. Judges appointed by Trump or Obama sentenced 53 Capitol rioters over the past year, 49 of which pleaded guilty to misdemeanors. Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee, questioned prosecutors' use of plea deals while arguing that rioters engaged in an insurrection. For someone with so much public adulation, who also once famously asserted that "when they go low, we go high," it wouldn't be surprising to picture Michelle Obama as a physically imposing person. Barack Obama won Democratic caucuses in Iowa, while Mike Huckabee won the Republican caucuses.