TL;DR news on IHU variant at April 22, 2023

In November, I reported for the Deseret News that 24 people in a French school in October 2021 were infected with a variant called B.1.X or B.1.640, which appears to be the same variant. The former mutation has since traveled the globe and kindled record levels of contagion, unlike the French one that researchers at the IHU Mediterranee Infection nicknamed IHU. Scientist Didier Raoult, who helms IHU Mediterranee Infection, stirred controversy in the early stages of the pandemic by recommending treatment with hydroxychloroquine. variant. Although the variant seems to evade some of the antibody response, the immune system has more weapons than just antibodies. Professor of International Health and Dean International at Curtin University Jaya Dantas noted that B.1.640.2 actually emerged before the Omicron variant. Several studies from South Africa, the US and the UK have shown that the infections caused by the highly transmissible variant are generally mild, with less hospitalisation required. Two new genomes had already been submitted," Professor Philippe Colson, the leader of the department that discovered the new variant stated in the research paper.