TL;DR news on Gracie Gold at April 22, 2023

Almost every American athlete, on the other hand, brings a good luck charm to assist them win gold! Gracie Gold has confessed that she carries an evil eye necklace close to her heart. Performing impeccable figure skating routines is not the only thing that catches our attention with Gracie. Below is an image of Gracie rocking sparkling blue gemstone earrings, as she led the U.S. Gracie Gold, an 18 year old Olympic figure skater who peaked out of Sochi this year with a bronze medal, has her good luck charm just as we all do. Prior to the beginning of the Olympic season, Gracie performed at the U.S. When the nerves stocked up, Gracie went to her twin sister who would give her a pep talk filled with words of encouragement and empathy. Based on her results the past two seasons, Gold is far from figuring among the Olympic team contenders, but the resolve that has gotten her this far is impressive.