TL;DR news on Microsoft at April 22, 2023

Microsoft has budgeted time for heavy scrutiny That new market power could raise eyebrows at the US Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission, which will have to approve the merger. 'Bulk buying' Microsoft mentioned "metaverse" just twice in its media statement announcing the takeover, but boss Satya Nadella was more forthcoming in a later call with investors. Its likely cause was that the ReFS file system isn't supported on removable media, including external USB drives, according to Microsoft. Bargain hunters looking for a cheap Microsoft Office license to run on one Mac can gain lifetime access to the 2021 Home & Business collection of tools for just $49.99. Microsoft's early history is mostly a tale of missed opportunities and an unwillingness to treat games with the seriousness they deserved. Ask someone to name Microsoft's flagship PC game from the '80s and '90s and you'll probably get one of two answers: Microsoft Flight Simulator, or Age of Empires. But whichever side of the console war you may find yourself on, at this point, with Microsoft gifting blank checks to its Xbox division, these are no longer two entities that are directly comparable. The cloud as a way to expand access to gaming, in addition to Microsoft putting games day one on PC, also feels natural, and like something Sony is resisting. Surface Laptop SE accessories To complete the Surface Laptop SE experience, Microsoft's partners will offer a number of accessories for the device that can be purchased separately. This puts it ahead of other competitor apps like Slack because, for instance, you can invite people to a meeting and then all work on the same Microsoft Word document together. Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register "You have to wonder: 'Wait a minute, is this the best allocation of capital?'" Malpass said of the Microsoft deal. I frequently use Microsoft Teams for meetings, but interact with the majority of my contacts via email, phone, or messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, or plain old SMS. For corporations, switching away from the Microsoft operating system and Office Suite would be cost prohibitive and waste a lot of time in training employees on the new system. RELATED: How to Create a Gantt Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint For Microsoft 365 subscribers, Excel provides a handful of premium Gantt chart options. Microsoft offers a free Simple Gantt Chart template created by Vertex42.com you can download that might just do the trick. It was November, and Microsoft shareholders had just agreed with her proposal to push the software maker into issuing a public report on the effectiveness of its sexual harassment policies. "It's so rare to get a majority vote," Lamb, a founding partner and portfolio manager at impact investment firm Arjuna Capital, said in an interview after Microsoft made its announcement last week. Microsoft manages an absolutely massive number of dedicated YouTube channels for all of its various departments and products so it was only a matter of time before they made one for Microsoft Teams. In Activision, which faces accusations that senior executives ignored sexual harassment and discrimination, Microsoft found a target under stress. In the same way a spellchecker looks for typos and grammar mistakes, this inclusivity editor, available to Microsoft 365 subscribers, scans your work for inappropriate terms. And rather confusingly, Microsoft gives you the ability to turn off some inclusivity features while leaving others off, so you can have it check for gender bias but ignore ethnic slurs. Advertisement Update on Jan 14 at 2:20pm E.T.: Microsoft told Gizmodo that Editor was first made available in March 2020.