TL;DR news on Omicron NZ at April 22, 2023

Covid 19: Omicron cases in Auckland, Palmerston North; NZ to move to red in outbreak, Jacinda Ardern rules out lockdowns. "With Omicron, it's likely that high numbers of people will become infected," he said. "The equation is different for Omicron than it was for Delta, as two vaccine doses are less effective at protecting against Omicron infection in adults," she said. As Plank warned, Omicron could likely arrive before that. First reported yesterday as a Covid case that had recently been in MIQ at the same time as other Omicron cases, the infection was treated as such while genomic sequencing was underway. McGowan's suspected February 5 backflip comes after growing pressure from doctors and nurses over the Omicron threat. "When facing Omicron directly, we found its speed of transmission really is very fast," Tianjin disease control deputy director Zhang Ying told state broadcaster CCTV. But the Omicron variant is just too contagious.