TL;DR news on Steam Deck at August 28, 2023

The undersized 64 GB of internal eMMC storage on the budget Steam Deck might not be an issue if you can slot in a hefty SD card and barely notice a difference. The Steam Deck uses an NVMe SSD, which should provide very snappy load times for games. We'll have to wait to get our hands on a Deck again for testing, however, before we know for sure. But FSR might just be the magic bullet to allow a docked Steam Deck to run a 1080p monitor without looking fuzzy as a VHS. She's been heading the PCG Steam Deck content hike, while waiting patiently for her chance to upload her consciousness into the cloud. The handheld device lets you play many of your Steam games on the go, while an incoming dock means you'll also be able to play on the TV. Typically retailing for $70, Amazon is slashing the price of the SanDisk Ultra 400GB Ultra to $40 just in time for Steam Deck's launch. To be precise, EA's gaming title booked more than 105 million players for the first month of 2022 on Steam. On the other hand, "Dota 2," which is the sequel of "Defense of the Ancients," still holds a massive player base on Steam as of last Jan, accounting for 348 million players in total. 21, 2012, but its current players are still impressive, at least in terms of Steam's numbers. Twitter user Cary Golomb got his hands on a Steam Deck and showed side by side comparison on how Value Steam Deck fared in size with gaming's most iconic handheld gaming systems. Vampire Survivors arrived on Steam in the figurative dead of night. Better still, the portable powerhouse will come with AMD FSR baked into its SteamOS, a boon that should help players use the device as a 1080p desktop alternative.