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Just like the rest of the celeb world, Amanda is a fan of the designer's colourful yet flattering swimwear. Amanda decided to get him something to make sure that he's extra safe on the roads. More info Thank you for subscribing! We have more newsletters Show MeNo thanks, close See our Privacy Notice Amanda Holden is one of the most recognisable faces on our screens. Before marrying Chris, Amanda was married to TV presenter and comedian Les Dennis. Amanda went on to reveal she has strong feelings for her boss as she continued, "I absolutely bloody adore Simon. Posting a photo of the pair on her official Instagram story, the photo shows a smiling Caroline standing beside Amanda with the words 'Thinking Of You' written as a sticker on top of the image. Amanda continued: "The other week before filming started on the @bgt live shows, Nilam suggested I try a new natural treatment called Morpheus8! The results have been absolutely amazing. Collagen supplements As well as turning to her trusty Collagenwave facials for her radiant complexion, Amanda often takes to social media to rave about her favourite collagen supplements. She also took time out to wish Holden a happy 51st birthday on her Instagram story, sharing a snap of the two in summer dresses in the Heart offices. Ben replied: "It's grown considerably if those are the guesses." Amanda even sparked speculation she is the celebrity beneath the Panda costume. Paul G replied: "Still have to give my head a rattle when I think Amanda Holden dated Les Dennis." "Courteney Love and Steve Coogan," Peeling Laminate said. Everyone from Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell to Stephen Fry and Johnny Vegas made their starts appearing on game shows back in the day, with varying levels of success. Written by Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio, it also starred Amanda Holden in one of her early dramatic roles, where she played school teacher, Miss Geraldine Titley. Holden, 50, believes that Cowell may have caught COVID when he was treated at hospital for his latest bike accident. Last year, Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden and host Graham Norton accompanied Scott Mills and Rylan Clark in the commentators seats.