TL;DR news on Weather radar at February 19, 2023

Local Standard Radar provides low bandwidth users a reliable, fast loading website for radar images, radar loops, and warning polygons in effect. The new site offers reflectivity only and defaults to the most recent loop from any individual weather radar. Forecasters from AccuWeather continue to predict 1 to 3 inches of snow across the southern half of New Jersey on Sunday. Sometimes a radar is only switched on for a short period of time, and interference is only captured at one angle. Dan confirmed the site of the radars he discovered during his initial research by using other open sources such as imagery on Google Maps and even data from the Strava running app. Though interference does appear to be somewhat higher around certain weather radars and cities, these only produce weak signals compared to military radars. The imagery displayed is an aggregate of the collection of radar interference from January, 2022. If a radar is detected at any point in a given year, it will be visible in this layer.