TL;DR news on Map of Ukraine at April 22, 2023

Mark Webber, professor of international politics at University of Birmingham, U.K., said that the next possible step is that the breakaway republics appeal to the Kremlin for unification with Russia. Government Meanwhile, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, suggested the issue of borders will be resolved later. ] People rest in the Kyiv subway, using it as a bomb shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine, Feb. The president made clear from the beginning if Russia were to take aggressive action against Ukraine, our response would be swift and certain and that is in fact what has occurred. 12:39 a.m.: VOA's Jamie Dettmer in Kyiv: "Bigger explosion near center of Kyiv. Diplomats would then likely move quickly to the General Assembly where it could be adopted without a threat of veto, but with no legal backing. Indeed, radical devolution to Donbas might well prompt other regions to press for similar powers, causing central authority to unravel and effectively balkanizing Ukraine. A transcript of the video, posted by Mashable Editor Chris Taylor, outlines the conversation with a woman holding an umbrella engaged in a shouting match with what appears to be a Russian soldier. "Russian mechanized forces, which came in from Belarus, are 20 miles outside of Kyiv," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told lawmakers Thursday night, according to reporting from Axios. SWIFT sanctions were also weighed during the briefing, but the aide said the general feel was that the administration can only do so much with sanctions of that type. "An urgent message!! To the attention of citizens!!" Menshikov wrote in a Facebook post. Video shared online showed large swathes of protesters in Moscow and the historic capital of St. SWIFT is incorporated and headquartered in Belgium with 26 offices across the world, providing messaging services to banks in more than 200 countries. A homeland security source with knowledge of the matter told FOX Business on Thursday that the cyber threat to the U.S. Both the Department of Justice and FBI are braced for a potential attack and are closely tracking any unusual cyber activity. The Russian coat of arms outside the Russian embassy in Dublin, Ireland, was covered in red paint Thursday following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The official described three "main axes of assault," including what looks to be a strong push toward the capital. Markarova said that the platoon claimed it did not know they were in Ukraine to "kill Ukrainians." She said President Zelensky remains in Ukraine but would not say what city. An Associated Press photographer in Mariupol heard explosions and saw dozens of people with suitcases heading for their cars to leave the city. "We will present a package of massive and targeted sanctions to European leaders for approval," commission leader Ursula van der Leyen announced in Brussels, according to The Associated Press. According to the advisor, there have been missile strikes on Kiev, airfields have been hit by shelling, and there have been reports of explosions in Kiev, Kharkiv, Berdyanks, Odessa, and Zhytomyr. Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not rule out the possibility that Russia could launch a full scale invasion before the end of the night. He defended Ukraine from Putin's comments comparing the country to Nazi Germany, arguing that 8 million Ukrainians died fighting during the second world war. The move comes after s National Security and Defense Council recommendation earlier Wednesday, which came as a massive cyber attack hit several of the country's websites. Warren Davidson, an Ohio Republican, led the diverse group of 43 members of Congress in a letter to Biden, urging him to follow the Constitution when considering deploying U.S. The sanctions restrict movement into Ukraine and prevent those targeted from access to assets, capital, property and business licenses in the eastern European country. impose sanctions against criminals, against every deputy of the State Duma of Russia, who voted for dismembering Ukraine," lawmaker Iryna Herashchenko was quoted as saying. "Audio, video, text and images that are created to show something that didn't necessarily happen, or never occurred," FBI Cyber Division Unit Chief Pranav Shah said of deepfakes. Gordeyeva lives alone in a small bungalow in the centre of Marinka after her husband died of an illness and her children moved away. Meanwhile, in a small village on the south eastern edge of Marinka, Olena Ivanivna, 65, lives with her three grandchildren who had to stay home from school on Friday because the shelling was so heavy. It is vital that free media is allowed to exist to expose hypocrisy, corruption, wrongdoing and abuse of power. In this alternate look, roughly the same space occupied by the logotype features a boxy collage of stills. MSNBC used variations of the look throughout the day, including behind the gold toned sliding panel featuring the grid layout of Washington, D.C. NewscastStudio, The trade publication broadcast production and related marks and trade dress are marks of NewscastStudio. And this step can be the beginning of a big war on European continent.' He then stirringly spoke of how both Ukrainian soldiers and ordinary citizens would stand and fight if Russia did opt to attack. 'And if the Russian leaders don't want to sit with us behind the table for the sake of peace, maybe they will sit behind the table with you. 'If you, dear European leaders, dear world leaders, free world leaders, if you don't help us today, if you don't help Ukraine strongly, then tomorrow, the war will knock on your door,' he said. He had previously pursued a career in comedy and starred as president in TV show Servant of the People. In a televised address, Putin says Ukraine is an integral part of Russian history, has never had a history of genuine statehood, is managed by foreign powers and has a puppet regime. Germany halts final certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that was still waiting for approval. Putin, in a television address, demands Ukraine demilitarise and says the Minsk peace agreement over breakaway republics no longer exists, blaming Kyiv for killing the deal. "A lot of people that we get here, they are just shocked with what is happening, because God forbid something starts, both sides will take causalities, a lot of causalities," Nikolay Rogovskiy said. SIGN UP TODAY: Get daily headlines, breaking news emails from FOX6 News Rogovskiy left Ukraine 20 years ago, and is still in touch with family in his homeland and in Russia. Meanwhile, Marquette University Professor Lowell Barrington, Ph.D. Around the world these kinds of things happening in the 21st century is so depressing," added the Spaniard. Mark Gruenberg is Editor in chief and owner of Press Associates Union News Service, Washington, D.C.