TL;DR news on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella son at August 28, 2023

said Zain Nadella, son of Chief Executive Officer Satya and his wife Anu, died Monday morning. Nadella had said he learnt that damage caused by utero asphyxiation caused severe cerebral palsy in his child. The Microsoft top boss further admitted that watching his wife in those first few days and weeks and beyond had taught him a lot. Several political leaders in India expressed their condolences for the Nadella family. Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy A person with cerebral palsy may need lifelong care and may not be able to walk or walk with a special equipment. Zain Nadella was 26 years old and had been born with cerebral palsy. President Zelenskyy said: Don't give me a ride, give me ammunition,' and that's exactly what the Australian government has agreed to do, Morrison said. will be in the lethal category, Morrison said. We're talking missiles, we're talking ammunition, we're talking supporting them in their defense of their own homeland in Ukraine and we'll be doing that in partnership with NATO, Morrison said. ADMISSIONS Also Read | Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's Son, Zain Nadella Dies At 26. The students also have the option of giving the tests at Pearson Vue Centers across India. In fact such is the volume of its success that Netflix has already sanctioned Season 2 of The Fame Game. But the estrangement between Uddhav and his cousin was never absolute, they continue to maintain personal ties though politically they have driven miles apart. Three days earlier, on February 17, Umrao Singh Rathore, 29, posted as sergeant at Sarsawa Air Force station, Saharanpur, had filed a missing person report.