TL;DR news on SoFi stock at August 27, 2023

Looking to the full year, SoFi forecasts adjusted net revenue of $1.57 billion and adjusted Ebitda of $180 million. After the market closed, though, a couple of stocks announced financial results that gave shareholders some optimism. SoFi's numbers were mixed. The positive aspect is that SoFi's revenue guidance is strong. Clearly, $25 million is a massive drop from the $193 million that SoFi previously guided to come from its bank charter approval, as I'm confident you'll agree. The unexpected extension of the federal student loan payment moratorium to May 1, is dampening SoFi's EBITDA. Walmart has been actively repurchasing stock, buying back about $2.4 billion last quarter, totaling $9.8 billion for FY2021. is a Canadian vertically integrated cannabis company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, and the Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges. Therefore, it is not a given that encouraging news about the movie industry will cause AMC stock to spike on Thursday. However, one pro, Mizuho, recently downgraded its target price for SOFI stock from $30 to $17. SoFi Technologies recently received a bank charter that will allow it to operate in all 50 states.