TL;DR news on Abandoned rocket hits the Moon at February 19, 2023

Previously, the European Space Agency and Russian space agency worked together on the ExoMars mission, including a planned rover launch in 2022. It takes in rock, soil, and air samples for onboard analysis and also photographs the crater. Some of the dinosaurs had robust femurs, while others were more gracile. Now, 175 countries have agreed to start working on an international agreement to tackle the crisis. World leaders have until 2024 to agree to the treaty. Migration routes of female northern elephant seals. Females who had further to go started back earlier. Though scientists are unsure exactly how they do it, it is clear that they have a map sense that allows them to adjust their timing based on distance. Abandoned rocket hits the moon: A discarded piece of rocket crashed into the moon on March 4. At first, it was thought to have come from SpaceX, since astronomers say that it is a Chinese rocket. The European Space Agency estimates that there are now 36,500 pieces of space junk. A few volunteer astronomers, however, do try to track them and estimate their orbits.