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Cruise ships are obviously big by their very nature, but there were some serious inadequacy vibes emanating from the other vessels unlucky enough to pull up to the dock while Wonder sat in port. Carter's take on Wonder Woman can be considered just as iconic as Christopher Reeve's Superman or Michael Keaton's Batman. Television One aspect of "Wonder Woman" that tends to get overlooked is the fact that Carter's Wonder Woman was briefly joined by a teenage sidekick: Drusilla, aka Wonder Girl. And several decades before that, DC Comics introduced the character of Nubia, a Black Amazon, who was Wonder Woman's sister. To learn more about owls, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers an online course called "The Wonderful World of Owls." Register at academy.allaboutbirds.org. Wonder, with intermissions between performances of interviews, concerts and speeches played on an LED screen behind the cast. The Wonder Twins also share a telepathic link that is not as prominently featured on the Super Friends show or in the comics considering the fact they rarely are apart anyway. Gyrl Wonder provides support for young professionals through career guidance and access to resources to make it in the media and entertainment industry. While her Wonder Years role is still the one most associated with the actor, she has continued performing in the nearly 30 years since the series ended. Before 1972 was out, Wonder, working again with Cecil and Margouleff, would release an absolute landmark album in Talking Book. Wonder would perform again by November and credit the accident for deepening his already present spirituality. Wonder also invited a number of other stars to provide additional vocals to various tracks, including Paul Anka, The Jackson 5, Sergio Mendes, Minnie Riperton, and Deniece Williams.