TL;DR news on Doris Day at April 22, 2023

It was only days later that a horrified Garner realised how badly he had hurt Day. The studio, meanwhile, also failed to tell Day that the scene was held back until the end of the shoot because there was a concern that all the chemicals would damage the actress' hair and skin. Move Over Darling was another box office smash for Day, who should have been one of the richest stars in the world by then. Day sued Rosenthal and was awarded $23million. And it was Day who fiercely saved her son and his girlfriend, actress Candice Bergen, from the horrific slaughter of Tate, her friends and her unborn child. Day was the reason he was not still at the address. Day died on May 13, 2019, two months after her 97th birthday. A tough blow for Day. I played him the Doris Day song and he just went for it! Before you know it we wrote the song and it was the only song we played all last summer at the pool, it just put such a smile on our faces. I am reminded of being told in the fifth grade at the Seventh Day Adventist school I attended that if one drank beer, one would go to hell.