TL;DR news on Spurs at February 23, 2023

Jakob Poeltl put some extra juice behind that slam to punctuate the Spurs big win and ultimately put the game on ice. Landale and Jones participated in a yoga session with the children before handing out Spurs swag bags. The Spurs, however, have a tough schedule to close out the campaign, with games against the Nuggets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors, and Dallas Mavericks. Though there are reasons for skepticism that Tre will ever become a reliable deep threat, Spurs fans should hold out hope after his matchup with his older brother Tyus. Just a couple of months ago, it didn't seem like either was possible, but now it could cost the Spurs more to retain him. He's covered the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL since 1999 and has also covered the Spurs, the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, and a variety of other events, including 14 Super Bowls. Since then, he has been a solid performer for Spurs without ever cementing his place in the starting XI, registering 38 goals and 26 assists in 195 appearances across all competitions. It's the best of the best and Spurs claim that all the money goes back into the club, which when you look at those prices you can see just how lucrative it all can be. There was the Derrick White Bobblehead Night was proved to be the kiss of death as he became the fifth player in a row to have his likeness made as a Spurs, and then leave the team. Our Spurs correspondents Alasdair Gold and Rob Guest dissected the big week for the club in the latest episode of their podcast Gold & Guest Talk Tottenham. Spurs.