TL;DR news on Britney Spears at August 28, 2023

Recently Britney has taken to Instagram to detail her experiences in her newfound freedom, sharing with her followers that she and her partner Sam Asghari are expecting a baby. Problems that were meant to be private became public conversation topics, leading to heavy criticism against Britney. what happened to my stomach ???'" Spears wrote. Spears didn't have to say anything else to give some followers the idea that her new baby is a girl and she will be naming her Rose. According to CNN, Spears has been talking about a "Project Rose" since 2020, and in October of 2021, she explained in an Instagram story that Project Rose was about to heat up. The couple starred in the 2005 reality television series Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, which consisted of their home videos. Federline and Spears have two sons together, their eldest son Sean was born in September 2005 and other son James was born in September 2006. Spears filed for divorce from Kevin on November 7, 2006, and she asked for both the legal and physical custody of their kids. We can only speculate about the mental strain and exhaustion Britney was operating under during her conservatorship, and if it contributed to her pairing down her work schedule. So, rather than finding a way to tear down a star traumatised by intense fame for decades, perhaps we should simply be congratulating Britney on this joyous occasion. In fact, according to Will.i.am, "Britney is the most focused and disciplined of all the artists in the industry." He added, "I just love her dedication and love for music .. "She was like, 'What if we write a song where I'm so excited to go and meet with my man and I walk in and he's hooking up with a girl who looks just like me?' I was like, 'OK, Britney Spears. Several months later, the song became a single for Spears complete with an accompanying music video, prompting Kesha to reflect on the experience in a 2011 interview with MTV. "Each night, right before curtain, Britney and the dancers come together for a prayer circle. The dancer recounted a particularly thoughtful moment in a journal entry shared with Dance Spirit where she wrote, "Before tonight's show we were invited to Britney's dressing room. and Britney got a cake for her. In 2021, TMZ asked the producer if he would work with the performer again, he stated, "I love Britney .. Since announcing in 2019 that she was on an "indefinite work hiatus," Britney's colorful Instagram feed has been the singer's main avenue of communicating with fans. Spears went on to share that she was considering a podcast in lieu of therapy, which fans were immediately excited about.