TL;DR news on Bulls at August 28, 2023

Bulls Pregame and Postgame Live will also be on NBC Sports Chicago before and after every game. Johnson Bulls Insider Talk to DeMar DeRozan long enough and an epic metaphor almost certainly will come from his mouth. So you might say Thompson, who, with 83 games, has more playoff experience than any other Bulls player, is locked in and ready for the intensity which begins on Sunday night in Milwaukee. The Bulls have young guys anxious for their first playoff experience, but probably shouldn't forget about someone like Derrick Jones Jr., who played in the Finals with Miami. by signing up you agree to our terms of service Part of the lure of making the playoff is to give the Bulls' younger players some postseason experience. Let's put it this way, if there was ever a team that needed six days off to prepare for a playoff opener, it's these Bulls. For a complete ESPN.com experience, please upgrade or use a supported browser Reuters 200d Red Bulls dominate but settle for 1 point vs. The best part of all? No more than one of those eight contests will involve the Bulls losing.