TL;DR news on Prince Harry at February 19, 2023

"Being a dad certainly adds another emotional layer to it," Harry tells PEOPLE. It was incredible." After a "celebratory dance," Johnston got a second embrace from both Harry and Meghan. It has been very, very difficult." Harry did not see William on this trip, however, with his elder brother, his wife, Kate Middleton, and their family taking a ski trip over the Easter holiday. His decision to skip the emotional event was met with severe criticism from royal insiders, with Prince Philip's former protection officer describing Harry's absence as 'pathetic'. You can watch Prince William speak in full in the 20 minute podcast below.. But the Home Office ruled they would not be entitled to such levels of protection as they no longer worked on behalf of the Crown, a decision Prince Harry has appealed. ITV presenter Kate said the interview was "strange" and commented there's "never a quiet day" with Harry and Meghan Markle. Robert Oppenheimer for the first time while filming upcoming biopic Oppenheimer in Princeton, New Jersey on April 12. Fans quickly noticed that she appeared to be paying tribute to the late Princess Diana, who wore a strikingly similar top before her last portrait sitting before her death in 1997. "I am truly so grateful to be a part of this with each and every one of you." While it was never in doubt Prince Harry would attend the games, Meghan's attendance was only confirmed earlier this week. It is nonsense for him to lecture the rest of us on the importance of equality." She added, "If Harry is keen on an equal life for all, shouldn't he set an example? Instead it' s the usual hypocrisy. It's one of his great success stories." He also remarked that the removal of Harry's military roles and titles showed "what mistake the couple made" in ditching the Royal Family. A week after they were seen at the big game Eugenie, her husband Jack, and Meghan and Harry were spotted having dinner together at a restaurant in Santa Barbara. In a speech to those attending the event, Harry spoke poignantly, declaring that the "world is united" with Ukraine, a nation currently embroiled in a bloody conflict with Russia.