TL;DR news on Daniel Kinahan at August 27, 2023

Government Promoters and boxers are disavowing Daniel Kinahan, who the Treasury Department said is the leader of a murderous drug cartel. The Treasury Department announced financial sanctions against Kinahan, and a number of related people and businesses, last week. For the past decade, even as law enforcement officials say he was operating a sophisticated drug cartel, Kinahan was integrating himself into the combat sports scene. Kinahan is most closely associated with Fury, the heavyweight champion managed by MTK Global. Last Tuesday, at an extraordinary press conference in Dublin, US government officials stressed their determination to bring down the intimidating drug cartel allegedly run by Kinahan and his family. Kinahan has undoubtedly been generous to the boxers he advises but in exchange they had to ignore or dismiss the allegations surrounding him. And so Kinahan became one of the most powerful men in boxing as he brokered world title fights and negotiated huge TV deals with other promoters. MTK Global, the management company Kinahan set up in 2012, insist that they have had no links with him for five years. The March 18 and March 19 shows were attended by Kinahan as well as Rai Taimoor Khan, the Provincial Minister of Punjab for Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism. Daniel Kinahan hit with fresh blow as UAE freezes his bank accounts Cartel boss Daniel Kinahan has been dealt another massive blow with the freezing of his assets by the United Arab Emirates. And Geraghty, who has no involvement in crime, has made no secret of the impact mob boss Kinahan has had on his boxing career. They said: "As a business we have faced unprecedented levels of unfair scrutiny and criticism since the sanctioning by the US Government of Daniel Joseph Kinahan. Thank you to all the fans who have supported us over the last decade." Broadcasting giant Eurosport also shelved plans to show two Probellum fight nights because of connections to Kinahan.