TL;DR news on Mark McGowan at August 28, 2023

"I will continue to quarantine and work from home over this period," Mr McGowan said. It will mean that McGowan will stand in the floodlights alongside Albanese and declare, loudly, that they have the Labor Party and its values in common. But Mr McGowan's hardline stance on borders during the pandemic proved wildly popular and saw state Labor claim 53 of 59 seats in a devastating 2021 election win. He said the McGowan government did not increase the capacity of the hospital system adequately over the past five years and had a responsibility to fix the issues. Pictured: WA's chief scientist professor Peter Klinken, and Roger Cook.]The McGowan Government will pour more than $21 million into event planning and other infrastructure across WA. You bagged the gorilla': Megyn Kelly slams Meghan Markle for constantly referring to Prince.. "We're going to look at alternative sentencing options for the Kimberley and provide opportunities for sentencing on country, rather than the removal of children to Banksia Hill," Mark McGowan said. For Kimberley residents, all eyes will now be on next month's budget to see how the McGowan government chooses to respond. Mark and I, the Premier I should say, worked very closely together through that period of time. Now, under the framework of National Cabinet, as I said Mark and I, and the rest of the Premiers recognise this and we agree to reform the program. And in 2019, Premier McGowan said that entering into bilateral approval agreements would slash approval times for major projects and unleash WA jobs. Well, said Mark. With the support of the CME, Premier McGowan and I worked with colleagues to reform that process and secure what I call a single touch model for environmental approvals.