TL;DR news on Synod at April 22, 2023

Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, speaks to parish representatives, who led the listening sessions for the Synod on Synodality, during the synod assembly held March 26, 2022. But unless it is truly open to the Word of God, it will either implode, much as the Synodal Way in Germany is imploding, or end with a whimper. If they were clubbed with the mean it would drop to less than 1, indicating very poor preparation for the Synod. We have excellent ELCA Coaches in our Synod that would delight in journeying with you from your present ministry related or personal situation to a desired outcome. Synodality captures the insights of the Second Vatican Council that we all take seriously our baptismal commitment and active discipleship in the world. These remarks were made at the 60th Annual Synod of the Diocese of Lagos Methodist Church Nigeria hosted by the Wesley Church Araromi Circuit, Beckley Street, Lagos. In addition to the Synod of the nine Eastern Orthodox Patriarchates, I believe the U.S. The South Dakota Synod met at an annual meeting last June and passed a resolution to educate the congregation about supporting Medicaid expansion. Itmade the call in a communique issued, yesterday, at the end of its eighth Synod held at St.