TL;DR news on UAE president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed at June 24, 2023

There was no immediate announcement about a successor, although Mohammed bin Zayed is anticipated to claim the presidency. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Emirati state media published rare photographs and video of Khalifa. As Dubai's fortunes began to falter along with the global economy in 2009, Khalifa led efforts to protect the federation by pumping billions of dollars in emergency bailout funds into Dubai. Khalifa increasingly used Abu Dhabi's oil wealth to attract cultural and academic centers, such as branches of the Louvre museum and satellite campuses of New York University and the Sorbonne. Abu Dhabi's big spending overseas during Khalifa's rule also helped push the emirate, which controls the bulk of the UAE's oil reserves, out from Dubai's shadow. In 2007, Khalifa made a major gift to the Johns Hopkins Medicine complex in Baltimore. Khalifa's personal life was not much in the public eye. Diplomats and analysts expect MbZ to become new president, further consolidating Abu Dhabi's power which had already grown under Khalifa, who came to power in 2004. Khalifa's death comes at a time when Abu Dhabi's ties with Washington have been visibly strained over perceived U.S. At home, Emirati citizen Ali Al Khatri said Khalifa would be remembered for his push to develop the country, which has a population of some 10 million, the majority expatriate workers. Even before Zayed's death, he had long played a pivotal role in running the UAE due to his father's illness and focus on foreign affairs. Khalifa had led the Supreme Petroleum Council, which sets oil policy, and the sovereign wealth fund Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, believed to control an estimated $700 billion in global assets. Khalifa grew up before the 1970s oil boom flooded the UAE with the petrodollars that turned it into a regional economic powerhouse. UAE rulers faced the delicate question in 2009 of how to handle the financial troubles in Dubai as the global economic crisis took hold. This eased the way for the UAE to pursue plans to develop its own civilian nuclear energy with international oversight and Washington's blessing. The UAE prides itself on its political and economic stability, mindful that its ruling families have a history of succession crises before the federation came together. The UAE has extended generous humanitarian assistance, support for better health and education to Pakistan whenever required. The founder of UAE, H.H. In Pakistan, UAE surely has encouraged investment and helped in greater trade and commerce activities. The General Entertainment Authority suspended all concerts and entertainment shows from Friday until Monday as a token of respect for the departed UAE leader. Sheikh Dr. In 2018, expat turnout in the UAE exceeded 66 percent.