TL;DR news on Levin tornado at June 14, 2023

Wanden said the tornado's path through the town had been from the west and mainly across a park at Victoria St. Schools currently closed: St Joseph School, Learning Adventures, Levin School, Levin Intermediate, Horowhenua College. Roads are beginning to reopen in Levin after an early morning tornado caused chaos across the town, but the council is warning residents to stay vigilant. Mitre 10 Levin is also stepping in to assist by giving out free tarpaulins to anyone whose home was damaged in this morning's tornado. Murphy told the Herald he was shocked by the massive crashing of the tornado. Horowhenua District Mayor Bernie Wanden is advising Levin locals to "hunker down". Hines said heavy falls, thunderstorms and hail were expected southwest of the country, and "maybe, just maybe, a small tornado near the coast".