TL;DR news on JK Rowling at February 19, 2023

The Attorney General also told The Times that Rowling, who has come under fierce criticism for her views on gender, is 'very brave, very courageous' and she is on 'her side' on the trans issue. Countless Harry Potter and other Wizarding World fans havesought to distance themselves from Rowling since she became more outspoken against trans rights. She's very brave.' Ms Wild also thanked Ms Rowling and other feminists who had shown support, insisting that her business remained 'busy' despite the loss of her main Twitter account. Need some feminist art and merch? Look no further.' The post was retweeted by Ms Rowling, who has more than 13million followers on her Twitter account. It all started with Rowling's defense of Maya Forstater when she ended her tweet in December 2019 with the hashtag #IStandWithMaya. JK Rowling had later reacted to the same saying, For me personally, the inability to speak openly to fans about this issue has been difficult, frustrating and at times painful. Snape spat everything out of his mouth like a somehow illuminated Richard III and the Rowling universe was there in all its recollected glory but with an extra touch of maturity and dramatic subtlety. The magical world Rowling created, in which many who felt a bit different could see themselves, meant a great deal to so many people, including those that Rowling now demeans. Yet, the reviewer and their website are still profiting and driving traffic through this and other Rowling products. Whilst Rowling has referred to this relationship before, this chapter is the only time we get to see how it works. Rowling for refusing to bow to radical and ridiculous transgender activism; and reformed liberal Brandon Straka, who made national waves by founding the #WalkAway movement.