TL;DR news on Kate Bush at February 19, 2023

Bush is a tough, loopy chanteuse who's barked like a dog in a song and written about getting it on with a snowman. "Or will Kate Bush lose her magic power or something?" Lucas' reply couldn't be more accurate. "Kate Bush? Never." Still curious? Listen to our very abridged playlist of some of Bush's best songs below. Another star who is said to have called Berkshire home is Kate Bush. Kate does not live the normal celebrity lifestyle and is known widely for her desire for privacy. Kate was reportedly quite the mystery local and people living in the area said they only got the rare local sighting of her. English singer Bush was inspired to write the 1985 song after reading the memoir of Peter Reich, son of psychologist and scientist Wilhelm Reich, who detailed his father's persecution. But what was it about this man that resulted in so many federal agencies coming after him? Considering Wilhelm's life, he makes a perfect subject for one of Bush's songs. 19 in theaters) THE IMMACULATE ROOM Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth try to spend 50 days in a blinding white room as part of an experiment. The range of songs on SOLARSYSTYM is amazing: J Dilla, Kate Bush, Tyler, the Creator, James Blake, Joni Mitchell. The performance will contain many of the Kate Bush singles together with popular tracks from albums such as The Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never For Ever, The Dreaming and Hounds Of Love. With a sound not dissimilar to Patti Smith, Florence and the Machine or Kate Bush but with stunning originality, Reb Fountain is making her Melbourne debut at Brunswick Ballroom on Thursday June 2. Or this amalgamation of all of these strong, confident female musicians, like Kate Bush or Karen O, or Blondie. Outside of Procol Harum, he collaborated with Kate Bush, George Harrison and Eric Clapton amongst others.