TL;DR news on Hailey Bieber at April 22, 2023

Still trying to give my body time to heal." Justin Bieber Postpones Two Upcoming N.Y.C. "I'm just grateful that he's fine," Hailey added on GMA. he's actually healing very, very quick, so I'm really happy about that." All in all, Hailey said that the "Baby" singer has received "amazing" support from family, friends and fans. "Between Hailey's health scare earlier this year and now this, it's a lot for them. Hailey is worried as well," the insider says. "Just like Justin did everything he could to take care of Hailey, she now does the same for him." Adds the source: "They are a great team and will get through it together. But like Rhode itself and that modeling career, perfect skin is something Bieber has had to work for. The Rhode team: Jasmine Rosalle, Production Manager; Lauren Rothberg, Head of Brand; Bieber; .. Early in the pandemic, Bieber used TikTok to take a deep dive into skincare and had conversations with people in the space. As Head of Brand, Rothberg also helped Bieber build her team and scale the business, leading the company alongside Bieber in all aspects from concept to launch. Rhode Barrier Restore Cream Courtesy of Rhode Bieber demanded custom packaging that was as sustainable as possible. Bieber loves styling her Nike kicks with everything, so this is one of her quintessential summer looks. During her appearance on the show, Hailey discussed her husband Justin Bieber's recent diagnosis with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, sharing an update on his health. It is the first Tiffany advertisement to feature Bieber since the model signed as an official brand ambassador in October 2021. Bieber was photographed in Los Angeles wearing Tiffany T designs from both new and preexisting collections, including diamond pendants, earrings and bangles. Bieber previously told Allure that all products will be priced under $30. I wanted it to be accessible and attainable for everyone," Hailey, 25, told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview in June of one of her main goals for her line. Hailey hosts this series where she invites special guests to her bathroom to discuss everything that is happening in their world. As Ayesha told herself, she recently disappointed her husband by losing a game with Hailey on the show. Following her loss to Hailey in Charades, Ayesha dreaded what competitive Stephen would say. Selena Gomez has learnt exactly how tough she is via her public breakup with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, as well as after her lupus diagnosis and kidney transplant.