TL;DR news on Afghanistan at August 26, 2023

In Afghanistan, the previous government had embarked on the journey toward a system redesign, but unfortunately the cycle of violence stopped those efforts before they could come to fruition. Failure to lift Afghanistan out of its own dark ages does not translate into an ongoing commitment to keep trying, and there is no pressing geopolitical urgency to reforming Taliban misrule. Ambassador David Robinson is a retired emissary to Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Venezuela, Bolivia and Guyana. Throughout the course of the previous two decades, India has kept up healthy diplomatic ties with each succeeding administration in Afghanistan. Sporadic armed operations, led by various individuals and groups, have gained momentum in several other provinces, including Ghor, located at the centre of Afghanistan, and Samangan. Mamundzay said 21 terrorist groups exist in Afghanistan and the current economic crisis is providing a "perfect" ground for such groups to recruit people. Recommend 0 FAZ Jun 22, 2022 11:57am Sometimes you wonder, why Afghanistan? Recommend 0 Farhan khan Jun 22, 2022 11:57am Big Tragedy.