TL;DR news on NHL at August 26, 2023

Though the success has Warsofsky in position to where he could soon start getting interest from NHL teams, he's stayed true to his core belief of remaining in the present moment. In a league where the objective is to advance to the NHL, a perennial challenge for AHL coaches is marrying team goals of development and winning with a player's desire to succeed as an individual. "He's very hard to contain, very hard to limit, and he has this brain that processes the game very quickly," NHL Central Scouting senior manager David Gregory said. "She always said it would be cool to go back there to see me play at some point, and thankfully it worked out." Hoffman didn't become an NHL regular overnight, though. Tyler Brennan has "the potential to be a quality NHL goalie down road" because of his presence and size, Al Jensen of NHL Central Scouting said on the "NHL Draft Class" podcast. We just need to capitalize on that." Shesterkin won the Vezina Trophy as the league's top goaltender, which is voted on by the NHL's general managers. Our first call to the NHL was instantly met with incredible support, providing rewards for our Kickstarter campaign, articles on NHL.com, and numerous calls from NHL clubs. The NHL's support has led to the tape being adopted into other sports such as cycling, baseball and lacrosse, and major sporting events like the 2022 Beijing Olympics. As a gay lifelong hockey player and fan, I still feel an overwhelming sense of joy when I see NHL players and teams using Pride Tape. The extension also stipulated that the salary cap won't rise more than $1 million until HRR reaches $4.8 billion, unless the NHL and NHLPA mutually agree to inflate it in excess of $1 million. Replacing a guy, I'd be remiss without acknowledging it, who is one of the most respected guys in NHL hockey in Rick Bowness. I love his drive when you see him play." Tweet from @mikemorrealeNHL: Simon Nemec and David Jiricek, each a RH defenseman, are 2 intriguing options in the 2022 @NHL Draft. Where do you anticipate these players going in the draft? Or do you anticipate a waiting game with NHL clubs? "I'm afraid it will be a waiting game, which is a pity. "But we're very optimistic that we'll be able to stage a tournament in 2024, regardless, so we're looking forward to that." NHL players last took part in a World Cup of Hockey in 2016 in Toronto. This comes just hours after news that Ethan Bear was told to check around the NHL for his value as the Hurricanes contemplate whether or not to keep him at his asking price. Fortunately his detour to Pennsylvania would be short lived, as Protas was recalled by the Capitals and made his NHL debut on November 1 against Tampa Bay. There was no discernible dip in his level of play when he returned to Hershey, common in NHL rookies returning to the AHL. The Edmonton Oilers are goalie shopping on the NHL trade market, while the Buffalo Sabres will search for a keeper via free agency and could put a scoring winger on the NHL trade block. The NBA and NHL are not premium sports for me. Obviously him being in the NHL now, it would be easy for him to be like, 'Well, I did it this way and you should do it like this,' really force it. "He did what he had to do, and I think that's all he has to do with this team," Boucher, a retired NHL goalie and current ESPN analyst, said this week on the "NHL @TheRink" podcast. It has an annual NHL salary cap charge of $7.85 million. His name is included on the thin band located on the upper portion of the 1924 trophy, the first won by the Habs in the NHL, and on the silver rings attached to the 1930 and 1931 Stanley Cups. Zeidel is tied for second for the longest length of time between NHL appearances; he comes in behind Jewish goalie Moe Roberts. And, of course, no discussion about the Stanley Cup and our lantzmen would be complete without mentioning NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.