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will need to make his case before a judge in Delaware that Twitter failed to uphold its side of a merger deal reached in April. But Mr Trump criticised Mr Musk for saying that he would vote for a Republican for the first time. Private data, which isn't available publicly and thus not in the data "firehose" that was given to Musk, includes IP addresses, phone numbers and location. In February 2021, Twitter permanently suspended more than 500 accounts and withheld an unspecified number of others from being viewed in India. But at a time when Meta and Google have often caved, Twitter has become a surprisingly aggressive free speech warrior. Sources familiar with the lawsuit told BuzzFeed News that Twitter deemed threats from the government to jail company officials serious enough to sue. In another tweet, Musk presented Agrawal as Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who was notorious for censorship. In early June, Twitter offered Musk access to its full "firehouse" of data that includes the 500 million tweets typically published on the platform each day, according to a June Washington Post report. A report by CNN's Alex Sherman published in May noted that Musk has a $1 billion buyout clause in his arrangement with Twitter that would allow him to walk away from the deal prior to its completion. Yet smoking marijuana during interviews, courting Hollywood with movie cameos and musing about nuking Mars make Elon Musk an improbable talisman for political traditionalists. "Musk clearly qualifies in this regard." Other analysts have suggested that, as inconsistent as his political philosophy appears, Musk rarely diverges from his business interests. Musk's lawyers argued that Twitter has "not complied with its contractual obligations." Twitter's board said it's confident in the deal and intends to close the transaction. The company has hired merger law specialist Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz LLP as it gets ready to file suit, perhaps early this week, to make Musk honor the signed deal. Meanwhile, Musk backing away from Twitter could be good news for former President Trump's struggling Truth Social. Employees have expressed widespread concern about Musk taking over Twitter because of his preferences for cutting headcount and other costs, decreasing content moderation and limiting remote work. Related Videos Elon Musk Vs. Twitter: What to Watch VideoHere's How Analysts Are Approaching Twitter vs. Elon Musk, Tesla Layoffs and Google Slows Hiring: What to Watch TWTRTSLAGOOGLTwitter Tries to Fast Track Elon Musk Lawsuit VideoTwitter Vs. During the period of absence, he superseded 100 million followers on Twitter, joining a handful of individuals who reached the milestone on the microblogging platform. Musk is among a slew of tech giants leaders that Pope Francis has met. One includes the accounts verified before Musk took helm. # Follow @arabnews Topics: Twitter Elon Musk Nintendo SpaceX Eli Lilly & Co.