TL;DR news on Better Call Saul at April 22, 2023

"Their heads are completely blank," says Saul executive producer Gordon Smith. "Unless there's yet another character that we haven't introduced." One character that fans are eager to learn more about is "Marion," who will be played by Saul superfan Carol Burnett. Since she and Saul now face the dangerous prospect of closer involvement with Lalo and the cartel, Kim's fearlessness may be her downfall. Saul would probably push such a move, seeing as Kim is not a quitter. Given Saul's personality in Breaking Bad, it makes more sense for Kim's departure to be tragic enough for him to complete his inevitable dark descent. Kim may survive, but the only certainty seems to be this: things will not end well for her and Saul. When Gene insists he's got the wrong guy, Jeff becomes seemingly hostile and ends up successfully getting him to confess that he was the infamous Saul Goodman. So the last thing we were expecting to see was a balding and droopy Saul Goodman in what almost resembles a silent movie. It is in the aftermath of Saul Goodman foregoing his identity and going into hiding to save himself from total destruction. After an uneventful day of baking sweet treats, Gene heads home to rewatch old VHS tapes of his 'Saul Goodman' commercials. His Saul is an alias to Jimmy McGill, the name he was born with, as we soon learn. McCall's fight to protect those who can't protect themselves amidst seemingly impossible odds make him a hero we want to win, and will leave you rushing to put on the sequel.